i cant remember, what pronouns/gendered nouns do you use?
you are so adorable and your jane cosplay is literally so perfect you are jane wow
I know what you're talking about. Recently I've been really down for no particular reason and I'm terrified to post it on my blog because even whenever I talk to my friends or answer too many asks I begin to lose followers. I'm sorry that you're feeling that way, sweetheart. Would having someone to talk about it with make you feel better?

Thank you so much for offering ; u ;

im much better now however

i got a lot of support from my friends and from my followers and it’s just so overwhelming and im so happy at this moment 

but yeah, i get you with the follower thing. it’s awful ;; 

if you ever need someone to talk to please come to my blog and send me an ask!!

if you’re off anon, i’ll answer privately!!

Is u single guuuurl

squints a lot

whats ur sexuality

We tried to cotton candy but then fell???


She’s so gorgeous, it hurts. x.x




A Tibetan Monk blesses the deer that gather around him and someone snaps a picture. Upon viewing the picture they notice a rainbow had appeared.

pretty sure this is the happiest picture I’ve seen in a long time

magic is real

I like how much this matters
baby!! you seem pretty down and that wont do :( we all love you so much!!! youre going through a hard phase of life and though it seems like it may take forever to get out of, you'll pull through! patience is key. feel better soon sweet pea!!!

Thank you guys. So much ;;;

I just

than k you